Monday, October 6, 2014

I Lost My Underwear!

     Now with a title like this some of you have your brain working in overdrive right now. Some are saying," Could there be pictures?" And some are saying, "Don't look Ethel!"
     Now yesterday morning when I was getting dressed, my underwear were not in the place they were supposed to be. They are supposed to be on top of the chair with all my other clothes for the day.  So if they weren't on the top of the chair , where could they be?  I looked through the clothes on top of the chair...nothing. I looked on the floor under the chair...nothing. Well what about in the clothes hamper...nothing. Could they have got mixed up with the 

    So I'll just get another clean pair of underwear. As soon as I went to put the new underwear on I found the old ones. I was wearing them!!! Now I got mad first but then I thought it over and did I feel stupid!

    So what's my excuse. Well, it's awfully dark here in the morning at 7 AM. The sun rises at 7:45 AM. Okay, I did put the lights on. Okay , I'm really losin' it? It's a senior moment?  Well it's some combination of all of the above.

    Me worry about this? No! If I didn't know where to put my underwear then I would be in trouble. So for now it's just a laugh.

   So what's your best senior moment? Would you admit to a senior moment?