Friday, October 18, 2019


     A long time ago, on this blog, I wrote about becoming a cashless society. I pointed out that some places in Europe do not accept cash. There are many reasons to go cashless and it is coming.

     Now yesterday I got a big surprise when a parts place said they do not accept cash. I had ordered a part and drove across town to pick it up. Now we only take the credit card when we plan to pay with it. We use the card on all big items. This item was less than $40.00 .  

     The business was very accommodating. They let me take the part home and phone my card number in. They even gave me a receipt before I walked out of the business.

    Now this incident was a big shock for me. I hadn't heard about any businesses going cashless. It's the best plan for this business as they are a wholesaler and deal with large orders. It's much less work for them to deal with credit cards rather than have to account for cash. Computers look after your money for you.

    It got me thinking about a cashless society again. Have I been unaware of certain businesses not accepting cash? I look around in restaurants and rarely see people paying with cash.

    Do you use much cash anymore?

     Have you found businesses that don't accept cash?