Monday, January 3, 2022


      Once in a while a few thoughts run through my mind about blogging. Blogs can be sorted into various types. I'm not sure that there would be a good reason to sort blogs. We would probably get into a long discussion about types of blogs and which category a certain blog would fit into. 

      Now that I've bumbled along and confused everybody this is what I want to say.

      Many blogs are of the blogger's day to day activities. These bloggers tend to blog everyday. These blogs are journals. It's a brief record of what they do everyday and they or anybody else can look back to see what happened. Some bloggers openly say that the purpose of their blog is to let friends and family know what they are doing from day to day. 

      Before the days of computers and blogging, people wrote journals. Some journals were detailed and lengthy. Journals have been valuable as they can be used as a source for research material. All kinds of people wrote journals. Our local well known naturalist Kerry Wood  journaled. His journals are in the local archives. 

     I journaled for about 10 years. My journal entries were very brief. However when I read an entry it tends to remind me of all I did on that day. I wish I had written a larger more detailed entry. I wish I had continued journaling. 

      So here's one page of my journal. The year was on the front of the book I used to write in. I'm always surprised at how much I did in a day. 

    Okay, I forgot how to use my scanner so the reproduction is poor.