Thursday, April 4, 2013

We're in the Middle of a Northern Migration (not birds)

       Now most of my followers know that I have a keen interest in birds so northern and southern migrations are very interesting for me.

      But this northern migration is different! It's "snow birds" that are heading north. Snow birds are those people who leave us to spend the winter in southern states or Mexico.

      In Canada and some northern states retirees who have some money like to spend their winters in the south. These people don't like winter weather and they like it warm so that they can continue with summer activities. So south they go in the fall and golf, hike, swim or any number of summer recreational activities.

     I had always thought that only Canadians went south for the winter. When I went to Arizona I was surprised to find out that most snow birds were Americans.

    When I was a child, on the farm, some of our neighbors went south. They would bring things that would freeze to store in our house. They also brought their live stock to our place for us to look after. So that was in the ancient time of snowbirds.

    Right now snow birds  are moving back north. Some begin the northern trip in mid march and others stay another month until mid April. For some their six month time limit and insurance times out. Others have to get home to meet some income tax deadlines.

    So, many snow birds are leaving the south and arriving back home. My brother left  Arizona on Mon. morning and got home yesterday. My sister-in-law is leaving Arizona April 14.

    So at this time of year there is much excitement as people start returning home.

    Would I be a snow bird? I don't think so. I like good old winter things to do.