Tuesday, September 5, 2023


     Yes , I spent my whole career teaching. I loved it most of the time!

     So , today kids here started back to school. When I first retired this tie of year held a lot of emotion and I thought I should be there doing something to get ready for school. It took a long time before the feeling left me.

     Now I'm aware of what time of year it is but it doesn't get me thinking about preparation. 

    When I was teaching I would spend time at school in August getting books and material ready. When I was department head I had the responsibility to help teachers find materials. It was a time of year that I enjoyed even if the Micro Manager didn't enjoy it. 

    So today I thought about how long I've been retired. I've been retired for 26 years. I'm approaching retirement time that is equal to teaching time. I taught for a little more than 37 years.

    So today I gave a quick thought to school starting, looked out the window to see kids walking by on the street. Then it was back  to retirement.