Friday, April 22, 2016

The Loon

     I have been silent for a few days as a topic wasn't coming to me. I wanted to continue with another bird topic. I couldn't find what I wanted.

    So in my research I happened to find a couple of things that I had forgotten. The common loon is being considered for becoming Canada's national bird. The loon is a fascinating creature with it's captivating call. I have camped by lakes with some resident loons. They start early in the morning and it's hard to ignore them. Many times they call is in the night. However, the call is haunting and well known and remembered by those who hear it.

     The loon is also a distinctive shape and does the disappearing act by diving and staying under water and then quietly surfacing in another area. The coloration is as well known as it's call.

     Our one dollar coin has a loon  on it and we love to call the coin a looney. Have you got a looney? Now I should have remembered that the loon on our one dollar coin and is one of our favorite birds and one of the birds being considered for our national bird.

     Loon also stands for some derogatory meaning. Crazy as a loon. Looney.

     So I hope that the loon gets chosen for our national bird. We're one of the few countries without a national bird.

     Alberta' provincial bird is the great horned owl. I remember the process of making that choice. They wanted children to make the choice so programs were set up in the school for kids to make the choice.

     Now our national mammal is well known and has been for a long time.