Monday, March 7, 2022


     In my last post, the truck convoy people were continuously shrieking about freedom. They wanted freedom never recognizing that they already had freedom. Their wants about freedom tended to revolve around selfish personal things. By their actions they seemed to want the right to bad behavior without consequences. And they had no end of idiotic thing that they could do. They took sandwiches from a homeless kitchen. They urinated and defecated all over the place. They made tremendous noise. They made a general nuisance of themselves. It seemed that they were very creative in coming up with disgusting behavior.

    They had large expensive vehicles that they had no problems to run and not use them to gain income. 

    Now I know that comparisons are difficult to make. We can't go back. It's always a bit about comparing apples to oranges. Or as I have found out lately comparing the various senior living facilities.

    Now it makes me laugh when I think back to my childhood in the early forties, Yes, that's right. The early forties. The second World War was taking place. There were all kinds of restrictions. There was rationing. Some products were not available at all. My parents were young. They had very little money. Gasoline was rationed so much of the time we went to town with the horses. We couldn't buy any more gas. 

The photo shows me with my two siblings . I believe we were 2,3 and 4. All of our clothing was donated! Nothing new on us! A great aunt in the states sent several parcels a year. Our Grandma also found used clothing for us. Clothing wasn't rationed . We didn't have enough money to buy new clothing. 

   Candy could not be bought during the war. Dad loved candy. After the war the first candy Dad could buy was a bag of marshmallows. He brought them home and gave us each a marshmallow to enjoy. We didn't know what they were. We played with them on the floor as blocks. They got dirty and inedible. 

     We did not find these things to be hardships. Mom and dad wanted the war to end so that we would be safe. We didn't miss what we didn't know about.

    I can't help but think that the freedom convoy people are very spoiled babies.