Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Get a Call From the Bull Pen!

      Now I know what the bull pen has to do with baseball. I loved to play baseball but I haven't played for fifty years. Besides that I was never a pitcher....I couldn't throw.

     Anyway there was my call display with Bullpen on it. The baseball idea disappeared in one ring. Then I thought what downtown bar could this be? I don't want to answer this call. I have a sense of humor in my opinion and have been from time to time in on pranks. I enjoy good humor.

     At that time Home Farm Girl came along and she decided to answer the call and give whoever a lot more than "what for." She was prepared to straighten this caller out. She immediately demanded to know who was calling. To her surprise the caller claimed to be an RCMP officer. That really got her attention and she was sure that this was a prank call. The poor officer, who did not have the greatest of communication, skills finally persuaded her that he was for real. Home Farm Girl had called the RCMP earlier to get some information and they were calling back.

    Now I have to question the wisdom of the RCMP for setting up a system where the caller ID is Bullpen. Apparently they have various teams with names and this team was for real the "Bullpen." I'm not sure that a name such as Bullpen is at all appropriate for a police officer call display. People in some distress may be come totally confused. People like me would not answer. I don't think Bullpen really does anything for the good of public relations. I hope that the RCMP comes up with a more business like term for their call display.