Friday, June 22, 2018


      When the Micro Manager and I come home in the car, I let her out first and she goes to unlock the door. It also takes her a while to get shoes off etc. so that there's room for me to get in the entrance. I usually poke around the yard for a few minutes. There's always something to do in a couple of minutes.  I can also check my plants. How many new tomatoes do I have today?

      Yesterday we came home and I picked weeds in the garden. All of a sudden I heard the blue box lid being opened. The blue box is on the outside of the garden fence. I could see somebody. They dug out the papers and were looking through my papers. I didn't want to open the gate and say, "Get the hell out of here." But I did want to see who was at the garbage cans. This bum must be a good reader. Is the bum using the paper to find a job? Is the bum a news junky.

    It was taking a long time. I waited and got impatient and went in the house.

    I looked out the back window, but I couldn't see enough to recognize if it was male or female.

   I watched for about 15 min. and then the bum gathered up all the paper and neatly put it back in the blue box. I thought that this was a fairly neat bum to put things back.

    When the bum walked away, I could see that it was the Micro Manager. She had been looking for an article in a paper that had been thrown out.

    Should I throw the bum out???