Sunday, September 11, 2022


      I do not have much interest in British royalty. I do not follow them. I could not tell you the names of the Queen's third and fourth children.

     I realize that our Canadian government is closely tied to the crown. If we wanted to leave the monarchy it would almost be impossible. All aboriginal treaties were made with the Queen. That's just a starter. The aboriginal people at one time were very  fond of the Queen. "The Great Mother promised to look after them". The Great Mother being Queen Victoria.

     You had to know about Queen Elizabeth the second. She was popular, well known and made a good connection with people. She worked hard. 

      Now my Mother was very interested in British royalty. In the 30' and 40's, she did not have much access to information on the Queen. Mom ad Dad subscribed to two weekly farm papers. Their radio often did not work. Later radio was more reliable. They never did get a TV. 

     So in 1959 the Queen visited Saskatoon. My youngest brother was in a group at a stadium. Mom had made arrangements to meet me on the campus of the university of Saskatchewan and we would see the Royals. The motorcade drove around an oval and out of the area. We were close to them...about 12 ft. They went by us in a second and were gone in about three minutes. . We did not get a wave or a smile!

    Now in May of 1939 I was at the tour that went through Saskatchewan. They were on a train and stopped briefly at Watrous, Sask. They walked on the station platform for 15 or 20 minutes and then got back on the train. Again my Mom had a good location to see the Royals. I was born in Oct. 1939! So yes, I was there but I did not see the King!