Thursday, May 14, 2020


      It's time to comment on Little Richard before much more time goes by.

      I was aware of Little Richard when he was very popular. I wasn't a fan but who could avoid Little Richard when he was at the top of his game. 

     I was always aware if the influence Little Richard had on music. He not only influenced rock but other genres like blues, folk , jazz...  Little Richard was very much outside the box and those people influence. They make you listen and see other ways of performing.

    What I didn't know was how unstable Little Richard's private life was. His home and family were somewhat bazare with inconsistencies. His father did not treat Little Richard nicely.

    Little Richard's life had its ups and downs and then some great changes.

    Little Richard liked singing in churches when he was young. He went back and forth in his life from church to church and at one time he was a minister. I'm sure you wouldn't have gone to sleep in his church. In between bouts of religion he found time to involve himself with too much booze and drugs. After about 10 years he was able to clean himself up. Oh yes , throw in a marriage and a few relationships.

    Little Richard lived a long and active life. He was influential. Love him or hate him he changed things.