Wednesday, April 6, 2022


      Everybody likes a good speeding ticket! NOT!

      I confess to being a life long speeder. It's a record that I'm not proud of. I realize that it is very dangerous. I realize that it's against the law. I realize that it puts others in danger. 

      I started driving illegally when I was 11. We lived in the country. There weren't very many people living in the area and very little traffic on any road. I drove my Dad' new 1951 chevy truck. He would need somebody to pick him up out of the field or bring something out to the field so I was given the job. He also had a 1929 chev car which I also drive for him. I didn't have any accidents but it was very risky. 

    As I got a little older speeding became a very interesting objective. All the little farm boys had stories and we seemed to have to out do one another. I was also sent to town to deliver grain to the elevator. All these things were considered normal. I thought I was a good driver and I probably was. 

     As farm kids we took Dad's car to the neighbors. Sometimes we went a lot further than the neighbors. Sometimes we got home at 4:00 AM. To be honest , we were up to no good. 

    When I got my own car the pattern of speeding had been set. As I got older I slowed down a bit. Did I get speeding tickets? Well, no. Not until I was 75! 

     I got my first speeding ticket from photo radar. Most people dislike this type of enforcement as you don't know that you've got a ticket for about 8 to 10 weeks when you get a letter in the mail. Well, okay pay the ticket. It also doesn't go on your record. 

   A couple of years later I got another photo radar  ticket but got off. They have a limited time to give you the ticket. They were late so my ticket was cancelled. 

   Well, I didn't learn. I got my third photo radar ticket when I was 82 years old! Worse than that it was in the local school zone. 

    I know I'm going to get some lectures here and so I should. I don't have any excuse whatsoever to speed. I certainly hope that I do not get any more speeding tickets.