Monday, September 5, 2016


  Sunday was one of those cool, dark, damp days. It was suggested that we go for a walk as we couldn't do anything else. 

      We have a fine nature sanctuary here. Part of it was farmed but most of it has never been logged. It consists of two oxbow lakes, heavily wooded escarpment and valley floor.  It's been a sanctuary for over 100 years, It's a good habitat for many critters. 

       One critter I found there I will never forget. I saw a large reed shaking vigorously while all the other reeds were still. I watched and soon saw a mouse climbing up the reed. Now the reed was in about 70-80 cm  (14-15 in.) of water. All of a sudden the reed broke off and I heard plop. So I said, " Goodbye mousey. " No sooner I had said goodbye and another reed started shaking. 

      Now when I got back the the nature center they looked it up and found that it was a western meadow jumping mouse. I'd never seen one before.

     So with camera around my neck we set out to do the 4 km (2 1/2 mi) trail around the sanctuary. The camera batteries went dead before I made it half way around.

Yellow aspen from the north

Same grove of aspen from the south

A gray day when it's difficult to see sky

Hangin out on a beaver lodge

A few ducks were feeding.

Now my camera batteries went dead.