Sunday, January 21, 2024


      One thing that got me going on my last post was hearing aids.

      I was wondering if I had any time left on my warranty. I looked at all the paper work I had with the hearing aids. The first hurdle was to find the actual purchase date. You get to test them for a week and dates and info are confusing. Well it's the same with the warranty. Some things are 3 years and some are 5 years. I wanted to cover my bases and know for sure what was what. We finally phoned the local office. The person had to take several runs at it and finally sorted it out for us.

    Then I got thinking about buying the hearing aids. To my way of thinking quite a few people were paid for the hearing aids. The total price was $6500.00. Govt aid to seniors paid roughly $1800. My pension plan paid some. For some reason the AMA(( Alberta Automobile association ) paid $2000.00. I paid the remainder of $1800.00. All this was meant to make me feel good about buying hearing aids as if I got a good deal. 

   To me it looks like games are being played. Somehow the price appears to be raised unnecessarily. Rumor has it that the physical aids cost less than $100.00 to make. 

    I wonder how many people would not be able to afford hearing aids if they had to pay for them on their own?