Thursday, December 20, 2018


     One of our local LDS (Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) (Mormon) churches puts on an awesome display of creches each Christmas. Families take their creches to the church for three days and let people, like me, view them. About 300 families contribute a creche. 

    What an amazing variety. I divide them into two categories...commercial and handcraft. After that you can keep on dividing them. Some of these are junk and some are terribly tacky. Most are ceramics . Many have whimsical figures such as penguins , moose ...There are creches from many different countries. 

    Last year I took my camera and the batteries died after two photos. This year I got as many photos as I wanted.

    These nicely carved figures were from Bangladesh but the light in the place was very poor.
    Tough for me to make a photograph with this much light.
    Interesting how the carving was done on the top of wood columns.
    Hand knitted...well done.
    the standard scene with sheep, shepherds etc.
   Another standard scene.
   I like wood cut outs. 
    From Peru a kind of weave for the clothing...beautiful.
    More wooden figures that have been beautifully painted.

    A well carved traditional creche.