Sunday, January 20, 2019


    Yesterday I briefly met a former student and colleague who reads my blog and he jokingly said, "Are you going to  change your blog into a book? "

    Well the answer to that is amazingly simple. "No!"

    After I got home I started to think about something.

    I had spent a good part of my summer redoing my will. I had done my power of attorney and made my living will. That's right. Everything has been arranged.

    So yesterday  that question suddenly entered my head, "What will happen to my blog?"

   You don't have to spend very much time and you can find dozens of abandoned blogs. Somebody wrote half a dozen posts and then gave up. These blogs are just sitting there.

    My blog has over 1300 posts and there should be more to come. What do I do with it? Well not make it into a book. If I suddenly stop blogging, do I just abandon the project? If it's left are there risks? Can some hacker just take over my blog? Could a hacker find something valuable with my blog? Is there a risk in just abandoning the blog? Do I actually own the blog and material?

     I know that a blog can be deleted.     But will I be fast enough to carry out this procedure?  I might wonder about  spending all this time saying things, if it's not worthwhile to keep it?

     So  am I over reacting? What do you plan to do? What have you heard about end of blog life?