Sunday, January 3, 2016

Don't You Hate it When...

....the computer and/or the Internet won't work?

     Yesterday was one of those days. The day  was long and frustrating. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. 

     The day started off with the computer taking a long time to load. Then I found out that Google Chrome would not load. So. what's the problem. Is it my goofy computer ? Is  it something wrong with Google chrome?  Is there a problem with my Internet provider?

      I tried another browser, Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer would load but it was freezing up all the time. It took a long time to read blogs and comment. Smoke was coming out of my ears. 

      To complicate these matters a long scan was running. The scan did not complete. 

      Computer problems here are not common so when they occur I'm not ready for them and don't know what's going on. 

    So my question is: Why don't they put a message on my screen that tells me what the problem is and then I can cool my jets? I would be happy if they said chrome is under repair and will be back on in 8 hours. If my Internet provider put a message on the screen to say they were doing repairs and would be back in half an hour I could live with that. I suspicion there are other problems that slow the operation down and I don't even know what's going on. My computer seems to keep looking for updates!

     Now I know that some people complain about poor Internet connections. I sympathize with them. I know I'm fortunate to have good service.

     What about you? Do you have Internet problems? Do you recognize problems right away? What do you do about problems when they