Wednesday, July 1, 2020


     I wish everyone a Happy Canada Day. It's been different this year with covid 19 keeping us tied down.

     I'm happy with my country. We have many different people here and for the most part they are very well accepted and can join in our celebrations and daily life. We work hard and have many resources to use to our advantage. 

     At one time this was called Dominion Day. That came from a time when we were still a colony and part colony. In other words we belonged to another country. They took advantage of us and used our resources . They didn't pay very much for the resources. In 1867 we were classified as an independent country but not quite. Our High court was still in England. Foreign affairs were controlled by the mother country.

    Colonialism was an awful thing. Many of the world's problems are a result of colonialism,. European countries stole the resources or else got them very cheaply. When the colonizers left they left many problems. Problems in Africa and the Middle East result from colonial rulers leaving and leaving different borders than the  aboriginals had. The African people have been fighting ever since. 

    Here in Canada, the land was taken from the aboriginals. Trinkets were given or the aboriginals were treated  badly in many ways that the colonizers hoped the aboriginals would die . 

    I find it difficult to celebrate when our history is full of misdeeds. We are trying to make amends but I don't think it will ever happen. We are still offering beads for a solution. 

    In many places aboriginals are dressed in their regallia to celebrate Canada Day. I feel badly that the land was taken and now the aboriginals join in the celebration.

    So my apologies for raining on your party but I feel we have to acknowledge some serious issues with our history.