Thursday, April 19, 2018


    My hearing has been noticeably deteriorating for about five years. There have been symptoms with it that made me think that there could be physical problems influencing the hearing loss.

    I finally got an appointment with a specialist and saw him yesterday.

    First, I had a hearing test . This showed that my hearing was normal as far as volume is concerned and that tone is where my hearing problem is located. So hearing women's and children's voices is where my problem lies. I will miss words or syllables and then things don't make sense.

    Next I saw the specialist. He told me that the only thing he could do is give me a clean bill of health! Isn't that nice! Then he carefully went over my situation.

     It is age related.

     My eardrum is not as taught as it is supposed to be. Therefore it doesn't work properly. Nothing can be done about that. No medication! No surgery! It just happens and goes on down hill.

     The eardrum problem is influenced by many things: atmospheric changes, fatigue, colds, allergies. This is why my hearing level varies.

    Now he covered other things that made sense. Since I'm older , messages go slower to my brain. The example he used was a message from a foot takes longer to get to the brain and be interpreted. I have often said that when I fall, "My butt is on the ground before my brain knows I'm falling." So what he says about messages taking longer to get to the brain makes sense. This situation also muddles our hearing.

    So he said, "I give you a clean bill of health but you might not like it." So for my age things are fine.

     He also told me that a rearing aid would be of limited benefit. ?  I thought he was being very honest to tell me about hearing aids.

    Now I started to think of other things in my body that may be stretched like my eye lids, ear lobes, double chin, biceps and who knows what my insides might look like! I'm sure there are holes bumps and lumps in various places.

     So things the doctor told me can be related to other body organs.

    I thought it was a good visit.

    I learned a few things that could be transferred to other areas.