Friday, December 31, 2021


      This year has been a very challenging year for everyone because of covid . Covid brought much more than illness but also sad divisions that hurt so many people. 

      However , looking back in the "way back machine" there were better New years.

      One of the first blogs I read this morning was the new Dharma bums. Roger and Robin both posted about how they met at a New Year's Eve party. It's a post that you should check out.

      I have my own New Year's Eve story and I've posted it here.

       Our first date was New Year's Eve 1965. 

      Pictures don't lie...very much.

      So here we are on the official night of engagement. No fancy digital cameras in 1965 where we could take selfies. So we each posed and  the other one took a photo. So you see a very young woman flashing the new diamond. 

       So this young guy was about as laid back as you could make them. 

      It's hard to believe that we were that young once upon a time.

     It's just s hard to believe that we are this old now. We have digital cameras now but we couldn't get our act together to take a selfie. 

     So how many other people have a similar New Year's Eve story that changed the rest of their lives.