Friday, April 3, 2020


     With being tied down in "jail" things are getting boring. I still haven't got disciplined to do some activities that can be done. Yes, it's spring and cleaning should be done. Yes, I could work on the family tree. None of these things are happening.

    We spend most of our time talking about the elephant in the room. There is much to talk about . There's the news. There's the virus and what it is like. There are so many unknowns. 

    So what does Red do? He makes some of his favorite food. I like rice pudding. I like most puddings but rice pudding is probably my favorite. I found a simple recipe that I can follow and end up with rice pudding.

    So here I am hard at work.

     Now the best rice pudding was made by my Mom. She made her rice pudding in the oven. This pudding ended up with a skin on top. When we were little guys we used to fight to get the very delicious skin.

    So have a great day. What foods are you making while you're cooped up trying to not get the virus?