Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Knitting Connections

     I follow at least two blogs where they have discussed knitting. I have refrained from commenting and displaying some magnificent ignorance. 

    I was reminded of my Mom and the knitting she did. One of the few things I have from my  Mom is a knitted sweater. In 1964 Mom gave me a sweater she knitted. For about ten years she always had a sweater she was knitting . Dad liked them and wore out one a year. Other relatives received some of these sweaters. Mom died in 1973 at age 59 so not much  thought had been given to passing things on. So here's a sweater that has significance because it's one of the few things I have from Mom.

Mom knit the same snowflake pattern

These sweaters were very comfortable 

   Mom was a prolific knitter. When we were little , many pairs of mittens were knitted. We had wool mittens under leather mittens and our hands were kept warm. Winter evenings would find Mom knitting. She wasn't a reader and there was no TV. Knitting seemed to be therapeutic. She could talk and knit.

   One other thing that she knit for a while were afghans. She gave each of her grandchildren afghans. Two of them are still in this house.

    I guess Mom gave me more than knitted things. Mom was a first class clutterer. I am a clutter bug. I have piles of stuff wherever I can put a pile. So there I have something else from Mom. Mom had four sons. There are four daughter-in-laws who to this day comment fondly on Mom's cluttered house .

   So I have a network with knitting. Mom gave me things she knitted and also gave me at least one characteristic that I am well known for.