Saturday, April 2, 2016

I Found Another Treasure to Part With

      From time to time the Micro Manager and I talk about what's next to be included in the marathon of downsizing.

     The other day the poor old backpack bit the dust. I haven't used the backpack for 15  years and I'm never going to use it again. So easy decision. Somebody else might as well make use of it. The backpack was a good quality and large...90 liters! We carried food, clothing, cooking equipment, sleeping bag and a tent. We usually shared all equipment. It made sense to divide the tent up as well as food and cooking equipment. This bag had a large capacity and it got heavy. In my previous post, I'm leading the scouts and you see my nice red and blue backpack in action.

     So a couple of pictures for Kijiji and I'm in business.

     Now in posing for a photo I made a couple of discoveries. Either I lent the bag to some skinny guy or my pot has enlarged. Now I'm absolutely sure I didn't lend the bag to anybody. I also discovered I'm a little stiff in the shoulders as it was tough to get the backpack on. 

    So as well as getting rid of a treasure I discovered that I've changed a bit or maybe quite a bit.