Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog Counter Dilemma

        Blog counters really mystify me. Why can't all blog counters count the same amount? Now I know I'm grouching again and this is a number of posts in a row where I have been grumpy, but I am serious about this problem.

       Shortly after I started my blog I put on one of the free counters. I chose the easiest one to install with my limited technical expertise. I followed it enough to discover what features it recorded. Most of the features recorded were of little or no value. About a year later blogger put a counter on our blogs. I soon discovered that these counts weren't even close. I can't block my cookie on the blogger account so I have to discount the hits when I am on the blog. The blogger counter was always much higher. So I puzzled these things for awhile.

      Then I began to discover that some of my readers were not recorded at all on the counter I installed. I would find that someone would leave a comment and there was no count that showed they had read the post or made a comment. It looks like some of the Word Press bloggers are not sensed for some reason or other.

      I have read about counters. I've read how counters work. I've read explanations of why counters do not come up with the same count. I still don't like it. At least they could be similar or close in their counts. With the technology we have today you would think they could produce counters that would count and be similar with the answers they produce.

      So that's my beef. I just wanted you to know that the counters available do not count in the same way.