Monday, December 1, 2014

Footsteps in the Snow

      When I went out Sunday morning, I noticed foot prints in the snow that came around my lilacs. It's very rare to see footprints coming from my neighbors. So I thought someone took a shortcut and walked in front of my house. I looked for footprints in the snow on the walk. I didn't see any? When I came back I looked briefly for tracks.

      When I went up my back steps, I noticed footprints that weren't mine that went to the garbage cans in my back yard. The footprints didn't come back? So with further investigating I discovered the person had exited my yard through a hole in the fence.

     So this was an odd situation. People don't usually prowl through my back yard. So that was the end of it.

      After lunch I was in my driveway and a neighbor  stopped and asked me if I wanted some extra potatoes he had. Hey, I'm in luck if somebody will give me potatoes. He also told me he was going to Mexico for a month.

    He left and then stopped and backed up half a block. He opened the window again and said, " I had an intruder at my house last night." So somebody had walked through his yard and entered his garage through and unlocked door. His GPS was missing and he wasn't sure if anything else was gone.

    So a thief had waked through my yard. But why?  I think he was at my neighbor's car and when her security light went on he fled around the hedge into the dark at the side of my house. I didn't have anything he could take and he was only interested in escape.

    So one wonders who this was? Why was he taking things? How many other yards did he walk through? How many other places lost things?

     It's a creepy feeling when some unwanted person prowls through your yard.

Big footprints! Deep snow!

Climb over the  fence and take the snow with you. Notice the nails? I hope he ripped his pants!