Thursday, October 27, 2022


         I recently spent a week sorting out a TV problem that wasn't mine. 

          The Micro Manager and I were downstairs trying to find out what was wrong with our phone. All of a sudden we noticed that the TV went off.

          We phoned our provider but the phone was upstairs and the TV downstairs. So for a while we went upstairs and downstairs doing what the tech on the phone was telling us. Well after an hour we gave up. We had 4 more of these advice sessions. By this time we had the phone fixed in the basement.  All the techs told us the same thing and they were wrong. They thought we had a certain system but we didn't.

        So we started shopping for a TV. Now our TV is from 2005 so things are a little different now. So we finally bought a nice TV and brought it home to set up. We made arrangements for a tech to come and hook up the new TV.

       First , the tech had to look at our old TV to see if it was really dead. In 15 seconds the tech who came to the house had the old TV back to life. So much for all the clowns we wasted our time with . 

      Then we had to repack the new TV and return it to the store. 

       So we spent 7 days puzzling our brains when we didn't have to. If the clowns giving us advice on the phone knew what they were talking about we would have had none of the problems.