Saturday, February 11, 2017


    I'll say it again, "I ice skate once a week." Skaters are a very supportive vigorous group. They know how o have fun. On Tues. after skating we have a Valentine's party!

    Some people skate with us for a few years and then disappear. Others like me skate year after year.

    Jerry is one of the solid characters. He skated for a while and then wintered in Australia and Arizona. When he stopped going south for winters, he came back skating. He is one strong beautiful skater. He loves to skate with partners to music. He's very graceful and strong.

   Now Jerry is one of the few people who skate with speed skates. We sometimes ask him why speed skates? He gets a twinkle in his eye. When Jerry was in his twenties he decided to buy a pair of skates. He ended up buying speed skates. We asked him why and he said he didn't know what he was doing.

   Now Jerry is 89 and still using his old skates. He says the skates are about 65 years old! He's had repairs made to the uppers and looks after the leather by keeping it polished. 

   so Jerry is an inspiration for all of us to keep skating. After all how can you let an 89 year show you up?

    Jerry and his friend Howard ready to hit the ice. Notice those old speed skates.