Friday, August 17, 2012

Another Great One Falls

     A few days ago my mother in law passed away at age ninety six. She was a woman who was hard working, determined, wise, cheerful, and a people person. She was a very good teacher as she taught her children life skills that were most practical and helpful through out their lives. 

    I first met her in 1965 when my wife took me there for a first official visit so I've known her a long time.

   She lived through the best of times and the worst of times. She was born in a homesteader's log cabin. She lived through the roaring twenties when her family built a huge three story house. She spent her late teens and early twenties suffering through the great depression. She married in the early forties and their farm did not prosper until the fifties. She raised her four children and two cousins who had lost their parents. One of the cousins was my wife so my mother in law was actually my wife's cousin. 

     She had many interests to keep her occupied. She did various crafts and was quite a good painter. She loved gardening and had a keen interest in birds. She faithfully supported her church until the end.

    She was a tall, large,lean, strong woman all her life. She lived in her own home on the farm until a year ago. She drove her own car until three years ago. This past year her health faded quickly. 

   So through a long life she influenced many people by her strong characteristics and will be missed by many.