Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Street Got Paved

    This week my street got paved and it was an interesting operation to watch.

     Most paving jobs around here consist of grinding off some old pavement and laying a new coat on top. For this job they took off all the old pavement. Then they began working with the gravel base and spent lots of time to rearrange the base. I'd never seen that before. Finally, they came with the paving crew and did the paving.

    Now they went to a lot of effort to redo this street. However, it was originally done in 1965 so costing the old road over 49 years was a good deal. I hope this one lasts 49 years.

    Paving crews are very hard workers. This one was no different. they worked very hard. I asked one of the flagmen how long they'd worked that day and she told me 13 hours. They're a tough bunch.
Back and forth a 100 times.

The monster

There always has to be one worker taking it easy. This was the foreman and I think he was texting.

Just to make the females happy there were quite a few females on this crew and they did the hard work like everybody else.

My camera was to slow to catch this guy

One of the guys riding on the back of the paver and adjusting things 

Paving crews have more rakes than gardeners.