Saturday, April 25, 2009

Early Morning Bird walk April 25

      This morning we visited the Kerry Wood Nature Sanctuary . This is an area of over 300 acres consisting of two oxbow lakes , old growth spruce and poplar and grass and wetlands in various phases . The area has two viewing stands which we used .Historically the area has never been logged so the disturbance is minimal. The grassland is where clearing took place and cattle were pastured .

     This morning was cloudy , about -3 C and no wind . Nine people showed up to see what was out there and to learn from each other . Can you tell the sex of Canada geese from the way they Call? Apparently the male goose gives a steady one toned honk and the female has sort of loud soft pattern .

     We saw many birds and a variety of species . Crows , magpies and Canada geese were flying about us almost continuously . On the lakes we saw mallards , canvass backs, golden eye, green winged teal , blue winged teal, red heads, coots and a red breasted grebe. We also saw Black capped chickadees, boreal chickadees , white breasted nuthatches , robins, bohemian waxwings , ruby crowned and golden crowned kinglets, American tree sparrow, and red winged blackbirds.

      Just as we were leaving someone said " I hear swans." 97 swans went flying by . We also heard quite a few woodpeckers . Since we were in a sanctuary we could not go off the trails and actually spot the wood peckers .

      So, the morning was pleasant and productive.