Friday, January 24, 2020


    I think I've written about my dislike for shopping many times. I've written more times about snow but not about disliking snow. In fact, I like snow. I don't even mind shoveling snow.

    So every once in  a while things happen and it sends me over the edge as far as shopping tolerance is concerned. 

    First of all, this week had too many shopping trips in it. 

    Then some of these shopping trips had just too much of trickery involved.

    Other trips were combined with shopping. 

   Okay Mon Morning we went to the walk in clinic. A prescription was given which we decided to fill after lunch and wouldn't it be a good idea to call at the bank while we waited for the prescription to be filled. 

   Wednesday was a physio therapy and lab appointment . And after that wouldn't it be great to have lunch at the casino. Then let's call at Canadian tire and get a sand bag for the car. And wouldn't you know it somebody decided to look at CO 2 detectors and if that wasn't enough a huge amount of time was spent looking at air fryers. I'd never heard of air fryers. Thur after lunch at Wendy's, we just had to go the Jysk because certain sheets were on sale and it was a good buy. And guess what?  It would be good to go and have a coffee with the skaters.

    Well, Friday was a plane old grocery run.

    I don't really mind some moderate shopping but this is way too much for me!  Poor me!