Monday, April 27, 2015

Ya Need a License to Get Married!

      A week or so go , a blogger I follow, found her marriage certificate in a place that was surprising. It reminded me of my marriage license.

      I met my wife in Inuvik NWT. We dated, courted , became engaged and got married there. We were in our late 20's so to go back home to be married was not an answer as most of our friends were gone. My wife had only lived in this country for about ten years and she did not have parents here. We decided to have a small wedding in the north with our friends. Some of our relatives were a little upset. It just seemed too much of a challenge to plan a wedding at a distance of 2000 miles. All went well. We had a great time.

    One little incident that we've never forgotten is getting the marriage license. We were able to make plans and set things up as we went along. Of course , getting the marriage license was one of the little details that had to be taken care of. We decided to visit the minister and tell him of our plans and ask him to marry us. Marriage licenses were a  dollar.. Ministers and others issued marriage licenses. We asked Ted for a license. Ted couldn't find the book with the licenses. Ted also said that the fee would be $2.00 as the last couple didn't pay for their license.  He couldn't remember if the book had been used up, but he promised us he would find a license for us. 

    We've always wondered who the next couple was to get their marriage license from Ted and if they paid $2.00, $1.00 or nothing.

   The micro manager just had to get this issue looked after. The hostel administrator was a minister and he had licenses. He also issued them like he was supposed to...for $1.00!
    We never did find out if Ted got more licenses.
    We've been getting rid of some of our treasures. By coincidence the wedding veil and a few other treasures were sold yesterday. Somebody was renewing vows and wanted some of the paraphernalia.

     After 49 years it's time to dispose of some great treasures.

   So the little story of our marriage license is one that we have a chuckle about from time to time.

   I would think anybody who gets married has a story that's enjoyed.