Sunday, August 4, 2013

Three Strikes and Josh is Out

       Now I keep saying that Josh was frugal , but he didn't mind going after something that he really wanted. Josh wanted a 50 th anniversary Corvette  and he bought one...a cherry red one.

     Now I went for my regular visit to Josh. After a few days he asked me if I'd like to drive his Corvette. Now I know many people would pay money to drive a Corvette. Me? I wouldn't touch it. If I put a tiny scratch in it I would be doomed for life. I don't think Josh really wanted me to test his car.

     So he asked me to come for  ride in his Corvette.  His driveway was gravel and there was a half kilometer of gravel to the pavement. He eased the car over the gravel at a walk as there is very little clearance so even one little bump and the bottom of the Corvette would drag. We turned on the highway which was a well paved road with wide shoulders. Josh wasn't that familiar with the car so some experimentation was done with some of the controls.

     We cruised about 10 km down the road. I saw Josh take a good long look behind and then forward. There was no traffic ahead. That's when he floored the Corvette and it roared into action. . In no time the Corvette was at 180 kph (110 mph).

    Now I'm not that keen on speed. I can take it or leave it . Speed is not a thrill for me. We soon slowed down and found a place to turn around and return home.

   So for a third time I survived an incident with Josh at the controls... my one and only ride in a Corvette.

    So three strikes and your out Josh.