Sunday, January 11, 2015

Trouble at Hiawatha House

   I've had a few problems with my blog in the past. After lots of head scratching I found solutions.

   I'm still working on the present problem. so this is just to give you a heads up on what's not happening sometimes. I'm having problems getting to the comment window in some blogs. So some people will be missing comments from time to time. I will try my est to sort this out.

    Today was a very bad day on my computer all day. I could access only a few sites. the others said not available or some expression. I found that I had to adjust some of the advanced Internet settings. It's the first time I had to do such a thing.

   So when problems show up you usually have to learn something new.

    I think I may have used some of these in old posts. but I did get them from my ipad to my desk top!

Why do selfies exaggerate your nose?