Saturday, August 13, 2011

How Can I stay Awake All Night?

       Now in my past I have done all nighters. I've worked a few nights, but you can usually sleep in the daytime. I've partied a few all nighters. These all nighters were done when I was much younger. In retirement I have volunteered to supervise in from the cold for the night shift. If you have something to do, staying up all night is not too much of a challenge.

        What's my worry now? An EEG test has been ordered where I am to be tested when I haven't slept for 24 hours. The test is at 9:00AM Monday. Now I know part of this will not be a problem. I will have things I can do to keep me going. I'm limited on the reading because I tend to get drowsy when I read. There's no coffee after midnight. I find coffee just makes me feel miserable and jittery. I might go for a walk some time after midnight. But after that it's going to have to be will power. Four AM to six Am will be a struggle. Breakfast might be eaten very early. To complicate matters I want to stay up tonight and watch the meteor shower.

       Oh well, I'll get through it somehow. Wish me luck.