Thursday, August 9, 2018


      Okay a zinger is a very witty sharp reply. We hear them all the time. Most of them are funny.

      Well, the other night when I was in emergency with a medical reaction a number of tests were done.  Most of it is classified as blood work. One test I was given I had never heard of before. The test is to X ray the intestine and see how much waste material is contained there. I always though X rays took pictures of bones only.

      Well getting on to 3:30 AM the Micro manager was eager for this visit to be over. She had been pacing the floor for a couple of hours. The young emergency doc finally came in to give me the results of tests.

      He said the retention of waste material in the system was a concern.

      The Micro Manager could hardly contain herself but she did. What came into her head was this. I could have told you he was full of sh__!