Wednesday, August 25, 2021


   This reminds me about going back to school and on the first day we were asked to write about our summer. Some kids didn't like it. some teachers read the pieces of writing and had some info to talk about with the kid. As a beginning teacher I gave this assignment but later the assignment was heavily criticized and I think it's rarely given now.

     For my summer we rarely had clouds. It was very very dry until two days ago when we got about 90 mm (3 in) of rain. For weeks in a row it was very smoky so we didn't see clouds because of the smoke.  So  few days ago when I saw a small cloud build up I took a cloud photo. 

          My sunflowers are past due time. About a week ago there were many bees on the flower. This week the Brewers blackbirds are eating the seeds. 


     The crows are in huge flocks preparing for fall migration. There's always a look out crow. This crow has been using this lookout tree for weeks.

      Now if someone could tell me what the tall floppy yellow flower is I would be happy. I've looked at it for fifty years so it's time I knew it's name. 

     So that's my summer!