Sunday, February 5, 2023


      I am up to my usual spring jobs...spring cleaning. In my other post I explained that this year's spring cleaning means getting rid of things...downsizing.

     Today it was books. Discarding books. We don't have very many books but discarding some will lighten the load if  I have to move sooner than I think. 

    I was a teacher and when the library was discarding books I was there to pick out what I wanted. Then there were all kinds of books that were gifts. Somebody (Mom) in their wisdom kept most of the books I was given as a child.  My youngest Aunt gave us books for birthdays and Christmas. One  series she gave us was called the Sugar Creek gang. It must be a huge series because a brother and sister also got books. We were too young to read some of these books so Mom would read them to us. Reading time was just before going to bed. So the four of us would crawl  into bed with Mom and she would read. Mom was an excellent oral reader and could put some emotion into the story with her voice. 

     Some of the books are very hard to part with because of their sentimental value. 

    I had many good outdoor books on hiking,  cross country skiing and birds. 

    The Micro Manager had many books given to her and was good at seeing books she could pick up. She kept most of her nursing text books. 

   So the afternoon was spent going through our book collection. I'm not done yet . There are more books around the house.

               Examples of gifts I was given as a child

                Three boxes of books culled

              Way out of focus , but some of the books that were kept.