Monday, November 17, 2014

Lost Items: What Has to be Done?

      Saturday afternoon I went for  15 minute walk in my neighborhood. We've had very cold weather so it was very pleasant to get out even though it was  still chilly.

     Since it was minus 12 C I was moving right along to keep myself warm. I had not warn my glasses because of the cold.

     All of a sudden I noticed cards in the snow in the gutter. Cards that you carry in your wallet. There was a driver's license, master card, health care card, and other various cards one would carry in a wallet. There was no sign of a wallet, just loose cards scattered in the snow. I couldn't read the name on the cards or I might have discovered they belonged to somebody in the block. 

    Now these cards were fairly obvious in the snow. I'm sure I wasn't the first person of the day to walk on the  side walk. Why hadn't these cards been picked up before.? Now what happened that these cards were left in the snow? Had they dropped out of someone's pocket or wallet? Had a wallet been stolen and the cards thrown away so the bad guys wouldn't be caught with the evidence? Should I pick the cards up? What if some one comes racing out of a house and says they are his cards? I didn't have glasses so I couldn't read names on the cards!

    All these questions race through your mind as you make a decision of what you should do.  There are some what ifs that run through your head. Of course, I carefully picked the cards out of the snow and looked to see if anything else was in the area.

    As soon as I got home I got my glasses to look at the name on the cards. It was somebody who was from out of town. I called  the RCMP. Now that's a challenge to get the RCMP these days. The RCMP uses  a call center so you have to wait for someone to answer and they're not RCMP. I finally did talk to someone who was not an officer. They passed the information on to an officer. An hour later an officer showed up at my house to collect the cards. He told me that these items had not been reported as stolen. So the plot thickens.

    When you find evidence many questions arise. Why were the credit cards still with these cards? It's a mystery!

    I have found wallets before and they are completely empty. That makes sense. I've found cards before but the good ones ( credit cards) have been taken.

    I hope the owner gets his cards back and anything else that went missing.