Saturday, July 9, 2011

Red's Yellow Rose Bush

        When I bought my house in 1970 it was quite well landscaped with trees, shrubs and perennials. A yellow rose bush was well established in 1970.

       The yellow rosebush has had varied success over the years. Sometimes it goes three or four years and doesn't bloom. Then for a few years it blooms. This varied performance may be from my uniformed care. As you see from the trim job, I have limited ability. How it got such sizeable lateral branches I don't know. I try to water the plant adequately, but I don't know what watering pattern this rose requires. Some years there are blooms but the petals go brown quickly and you don't get to enjoy the beauty of the rose for very long.

       I know that my yellow rose is a graft because every once in a while I get a few red roses. I quickly trim these red roses out as I think they may take over the plant. I now know that the yellow rose and the red rose have a different number of leaf parts.

       For whatever reason my rose bush has really out done itself with blossoms  this year. I think there are more blossoms this year than all the other years combined. The rose bush is doing well this year in spite of my limited care. I'm not complaining. I'll just share my good fortune with you.