Monday, December 2, 2019


       I like music. I don't sing or play an instrument. I like listening to a wide variety of music. It would be easier to say what I don't like than what I do like. I don't like rap or modern country.

      Several bloggers have had some very good pieces on music lately.

     I have (had) two main sources of music that I go to.

     I have a favorite radio station that plays a wide variety of music and provides commentary on everything they play. All of their DJs have a tremendous amount of knowledge about the music they play. I love it. Check out

     Now there used to be a very fine radio program called the Vinyl Cafe hosted by Stuart Mclean. Unfortunately Stuart passed away.

    Stuart had a one hour radio show every Sunday at noon. He had music , stories, interviews and games.

     Stuart had his Dave and Morley stories .Dave was a bumbling idiot and Morley kept things together. A favorite Canadian Christmas story is Dave Cooks a Turkey.

    Stuart always tried to find music from performers who were not well known. So some of the music I like comes from the Vinyl Cafe

    Three singers stand out for me: Sarah Harmer, little Miss Higgins and Connie Caldor.

     Sarah Harmer is a singer songwriter. Many of her songs are about the country. Give a listen to Oleander. She sings a song to this tough little plant. Little Miss Higgins is more comedy. She's forceful and lively. One of her songs is about buying underwear in a thrift shop. Connie Caldor sings heavier stuff about women's rights but has a haunting strong voice.

    Now since I've discovered you tube I can find these performers and listen to them. So if you're interested take a look for these performers and give a listen.