Saturday, September 17, 2022


        I used to watch TV. Now I don't watch one minute in a whole year. 

        So what did I watch?

        Some of you will have to be very old to remember these TV shows. 

       I liked the variety shows. The shows with several short segments. So for example Red Skelton always had a section with Clem Kadiddle Hopper. There was also a clown section. I also listened to Red Skelton when he was on radio.

     Carol Burnette had a first class variety show. I liked her telephone monologue in each show. 

     Many people make fun of Ed Sullivan, but he kept us well entertained on a Saturday night. 

Sullivan had great acts and we won't get that he had the Beatles. 

     Every Sunday night we watched Bonanza. This was a one hour show of the adventures of the Cartright family. I never missed it. 

     Now there were other variety shows that came and went.  The variety show was gradually taken over by situation comedies. 

    Now it's movies or long series that we buy at one time. I haven't got time to spend on a long series. 

    Has anybody else seen these shows and liked them?

    Tell me the good shows that I missed.