Tuesday, February 1, 2022


     Most blogs have a list on the right called friends. It's supposedly a list of people who follow your blog.

     Every once in a while I take a look at names and photos appearing on the friends list. Very few of them appear to follow or read my blog? Many of the same faces show up on other blogs. What are they doing? Do they have some ulterior motive?

     I know that some of these people could be other bloggers who follow me but have  a different name that is not connected to their blog. I check on some of these and they are not bloggers. They do not leave any information on themselves. 

     What are these people doing? Do they not have a life and spend all day visiting blogs and following blogs without any action? Do they just want a big list?

      A while ago most of the photos of followers disappeared and all that's left is a silhouette. I wonder what Mr blogger was doing?

     So I am curious as to why these things show up in my follower list?