Wednesday, July 5, 2023


       Two former colleagues gave me their stories on Angus. 

        Bob, the art teacher, had a huge mounted bull elk head in his room for a looong time. I was surprised to find that it came from Angus. Bob moved to another school and when he retired returned the elk head to Angus. Angus would have been at an auction sale and the head may have been very cheap or else Angus just wanted to have something very different. 

     Rob, a French teacher had a clipping about something Angus bought. Angus found some metal with reverse writing. At first Angus wondered what it was . Then he wondered why someone would write backwards and then he wondered how someone could even write backwards. It was explained to Angus that this was a printing plate used in presses. The Art teacher had a little press and they printed a page. It was of a wedding invitation from 1910. Then Angus wanted to find the family whose ancestors were involved with the wedding invitation. 

    Things like that made Angus curious.

    For the odd day in the summer I would go to the school to do some work in my classroom. I would take my two kids when they were preschoolers. Angus always had a package of life savers in his pocket and gave them a life saver. They always wanted to go to school and find Angus. 

    Now I left out some information on the last post. the guy standing beside a pile was me on the last day of school. I don't have a photo of Angus.