Thursday, June 8, 2017


I admit that the topic well has been a little dry this last while. I've had other things on my mind. I tend to have topics arrive when I'm busy with something else. I make a list. Lately my mind has been taken up with other things and I don't come up with topics.

    Well, there are a couple of things on my mind... Trump and terrorism. I don't put the two topics together. However, I'm not sure what to say about either of these topics so it's hard to write about them.

    I'll start with Trump. I do not agree with  his agenda. I find his personality most unlikeable. Trump is completely unreliable. Now I'd like to comment on these issues and more but I can't. Why? There is no reliable information. Fake news! False news. Now it's not only Trump who plays fast and loose with the truth. The other guys bend things out of proportion. Who ya gonna believe? I like to be able to discuss and have  more than reasonable assurance that the information I have is accurate. 

    So we sit here listening to all the various side shows and meanwhile nothing of substance takes place.

    How can one address an issue when accurate information is not available?

    Terrorism has rocked our world too many times in the recent past.  It's okay for me to sit smugly in a very safe location. There seems to be many ways to react to terrorism. Like the British..keep a stiff upper lip. We'll beat the terrorists. What makes a terrorist?  Is anybody responsible for causing people to be terrorists? We have all kinds of people wringing their hands and talking about terrorism. What can they do? It seems like all that is done is talk.

    So there are topics that are important. Discussion must take place if improvements are to be made. For the Trump presidency to accomplish anything , people have to begin talking to each other. Playing politics 100% of the time gets nothing done. It doesn't even get you elected all the time. Terrorists build up tremendous hate so that they will kill innocent people. Once the terror is committed the law takes control. Before there is terror some good dialog may help. Keeping separate and yelling at each other does no good. 

    I wish I knew what to say that would do any good. I'm sure there are many others who wish something could be said to bring about positive change.