Saturday, September 24, 2022


        My  post on television programs was to lament the good shows of long ago TV.  I used a few examples of shows. I could have named a few more but the list would have been short.

        As usual, readers know best and you listed many great TV programs. I had forgotten many of them. You mentioned many good shows.

     And then I started thinking about what you left out. Some of these may not be the greatest of shows. Who could forget Archie Bunker. When I would come home from school , I would sit with the kids and read the paper with one eye and watch the show they were watching with the other eye. The Jacksons were on every afternoon. George was such a fool! They also watched the one with Don Knotts and then it alternated with "Jack" . I can't remember the shows name or Jack's name. 

     And then I get some anonymous comments. I'm usually very cautious with them.  

    I thought the one was my friend as he mentioned M.A.S.H. I remember that he really liked M.A.S.H. So I took a guess and used his name Uncle Bobby in the reply . My son replied and asked who is Uncle Bobby ? So all this time the "anonymous" was my son! Uncle Bobby was a teacher I taught with and he also taught my son