Thursday, January 16, 2020


      So how many of my followers know what long Johns are? Don't worry. I'm gong to tell you what they are

      For those who know what long Johns are, they will be saying., "What ever next is he going to talk about?

     Well , it's been very cold here for about a week. We've had lows of minus 37 38 C ( minus 40 F). It warms up very little in the daytime

     I still have to go out. I can't stay in the house until it warms up. I had a medical appt. The Micro Manger had a physiotherapy appt. We had to get groceries and oh ya we had to go out for lunch. I just have to dress properly and I will be fine.

    One thing I did put on one day this week were my long Johns. So long Johns are a type of combination underwear made of fleece or today more modern fabrics. Sometimes this underwear comes in a separate top and bottom. So what you have is a complete suit that you wear under your clothes of course. Over top of the long Johns you wear your regular pants and shirt. Now over your shirt you can put a heavy sweater and then your parka . This will keep you warm.

     The long Johns aren't  worn much an more. We tend to use wind pants. Some of the better wind pants have a liner of heavier clothe.

     Now I talk about playing in the snow as little kids and we didn't get cold. This is what we wore plus a snow suit. Yes, another piece of combination clothing which went over everything.

     We had enough clothes on to live outside all day.