Thursday, November 18, 2021


     There is more to say on my ginger carrot soup. 

     I mentioned my fiasco on face book and there were many comments. 

      Then there were comments on blogger. As always the comments were tactful and made sense. 

     I took the recipe from a site called all recipe. I've taken recipes from that site before and found their recipes work well. Many of you had a bit of experience working with ginger. Your first thoughts were that is a lot of ginger. I'm sure it was far too much ginger. There were also suggestions about the use of other forms of ginger. I wondered about that one as I was grating ginger. 

    So your comments were much appreciated. 

    There was also an anonymous comment.  I usually delete anonymous comments as I've been burned before. I knew who this commenter was. It was Uncle Brent. Uncle Brent felt very sorry for me so he baked a batch of ginger snaps. Were they ever good! It made me feel better. I forget if he used his Grandma's recipe or his Mom's. So I have a local that I can call on for help .

    Now since I've been thinking about ginger the expression "full of ginger " keeps popping in my head so I had to look it up. I found that there were at least 69 synonyms for full of ginger. I'm not sure what this has to do with my soup . I guess I got side tracked . Maybe that's what happened with my soup.