Monday, January 2, 2012

It's Time to Strike the Set

        A few weeks ago we set up many Christmas decorations as we looked forward to the Christmas season. Lights were hung on the house. The front window had a nativity scene. Banners were hung on each door. A wreath was hung on the outside front door. Stockings were hung on the mantle. The tree was elaborately decorated. All of this was  as if it was a stage which had been set up for a special show.All this was only a few short weeks ago. We have had the celebration. 

       Today was the appointed time to "strike" the set. Outside decorations were brought in first. Decorations at various parts of the house were gathered up. All the boxes which contained decorations were laid out and opened ready to accept the precise decorations they hold. Decorations were removed from the tree in sets to match the boxes that were waiting. Finally the lights were taken from the tree. Then the tree was dismantled and carefully put in the box so that next year all parts would come out in the exact order needed to erect the tree. Lastly all the big boxes containing all the little boxes were put up on the shelf to wit for next year when the whole process will be repeated again. 

Some of the boxes ready for packing 

     My outside house lights are still on because Ukrainian Christmas occurs this week end. 

     So the stage has been dismantled and put away to await another year.