Friday, October 9, 2015

Birds:Michael Obrien Wetland

    Well, somebody asked if I saw any birds at the Michael Obrien Wetland. Some readers realized that this was a birding trip. So here's the report.

    Now we did the walk from 2:00PM to 4:00 Pm. Now that's not a very good time of day to find birds. Birds are quite inactive in the afternoon. But that's the time people wanted to go so off we went. 

    I'm getting you prepared for this one!

    Now I got photos of ducks ...shovellers and blue winged teal. The were only three ducks in the whole wetlands. Ducks have not begun their  flocking and preparation for migration. I didn't get any other bird photos.

   After that I saw, crows, magpies, blue jays, eastern king bird, black capped chickadees and a marsh wren. The marsh wren is a lifer for me. I'd never seen a marsh wren before. The marsh wren gave us a challenge as it kept under cover of riparian vegetation. The eastern king bird gave us two looks of about 7 seconds total. So there were challenges but that's what we go out for.